The Recovery Relief Foundation, Inc.

Freely providing food & shelter items and services to the needy.

A Public Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization

Once upon a beginning...

In 1996, while working for one of the largest organic supermarkets in the nation, Debra Ulrich noticed the staggering amount of food that was being thrown out and wasted. She asked that the food be given to her so that it could be delivered without charge, to individuals who needed it.

After making sure the food was available for pickup and delivery(that first Friday night), Debra gradually increased the number of days she would recover and freely distribute the food. Over the course of the first 4 years, she picked up and freely delivered over $4 million worth of food in addition to thousands of dollars of household items.

Things happened...

300 $100/meal dinners were recovered from a Smithsonian fund-raising event for 3000 people, and freely delivered to the Gospel Rescue Mission, and it became possible for nothing to be thrown out on any day of the week, from the 1st supermarket she started recovering food from! 

Initially, it took over a year for the food to be consistently recovered from the first store alone. Employees needed to be educated and schedules had to be implemented and carried out. Ultimately, enough food was recovered (in just 4 years) to feed over 4000 people per week.

It became clear (over time) that specific "pockets" of communities of truly disadvantaged people were in the most dire need, due to a real 'lack'. They themselves were rarely in a position to recover it, and there was too much recovered for such a small community to consume it all by itself. They could not handle the tremendous amount of effort required to distribute to others like them. 

The millions of dollars of food that Debra initially delivered to a friend?s house with the effort (and intention) of never having it thrown away, and having it only go to those with no food (or very little), was picked up, distributed and consumed by over thousands and thousands of people who needed it, and organizations who serviced them.


When her "organization" of just volunteers initially first became incorporated, Debra decided to get on the worldwide web.
"It takes courage to make a fool of yourself." ~Charlie Chaplin

Recovered items are needed most by many who are barely making ends meet. An organized recovery relief system - through an effort that has the capacity at any time of the day or night to transport items of sustenance and service to a disadvantaged community or individual in any location - is always urgently needed.

The mission is an extremely valuable source of expanded outreach service... fostering community growth and sustainability for ALL.


Recovery Relief, Inc.
Earlysville, Virginia, USA

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